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From: Mr Skinny
Subject: Feeling Horny in the University Library (part 1)Disclaimer:The following piece of fiction contains explicit descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adult males aged over the age of 18. Please do not
read further if the subject matter might offend you. If you are aged under
18 (or 21 if that is the law in your state or country) please leave this
site without reading further.Feeling Horny in the University Library (part 1)"Another important case study in this area..." It was no good, the words
were starting to blur now. I looked up from the article I was reading and
checked the clock creampie lolita angel preteen
on the university library wall. Half past eight. I'd been
here seven hours solid now, trying desperately to get the reading done for
the seminar the next morning. I wouldn't normally make such a big deal
about it, but I had already had one written warning for skipping classes
this semester."Another important case study in this area..." I looked up at the sound of
whispered voices approaching. Two girls, heavy looking textbooks clutched
in their hands, walked past my desk heading for the shelves behind me. God
this article was so boring I was even taking notice of girls going past!"Another important..." More whispered voices, this time much lower in
pitch. I looked over towards the staircase. Wow! Two incredibly hot lads,
one with a white sleeveless vest top on, that leaving his well-defined
upper arms in full view, the other a tight navy blue t-shirt stretched over
his built pecs and shoulders. Both wore the loose grey sweatpants that
practically every sporty person on campus seemed to own a pair of. The sort
that show off every bulge and curve you have. The one in the vest top
carried a towel. They were probably calling in to return some books before
hitting the gym for an evening workout.My cock twitched as I imagined them sweating, working out on the machines,
muscles bulging as they pushed themselves to lift the heaviest weights they
possibly could. Then peeling off those sweat-drenched clothes to hit the
showers together. Mmm."No, no no!" I thought to myself, "I must concentrate! Where was I? Another
important case study in this..." As if to punish me for forcing myself to
drag my mind away from my dick and back to my work, one of the guys turned
sideways, searching for the set of shelves he wanted, presenting me with a
perfect side-on view of his pert arse, the grey material of his sweatpants
emphasising its delicious shape.I let my breath out slowly, wishing I could cop a feel to see if it was as
tight and muscled as its outline suggested. I moved my gaze forwards to see
if there was any cock bulge on show. Well there was a definite outwards
curve in the right sort of area. As I looked, trying to work out whether it
was a cock-shaped bulge I could see, or just the knot of the sweatpant ties
showing through, his hand came into my line of vision and he
absent-mindedly readjusted himself, showing me for definite it was his cock
I could see the outline of.As he turned to whisper something to his mate, the bulge moved too, in
fact, you could almost see it gently swinging from the movement."Fuck, is he even wearing any underwear under those?" I thought to myself,
my eyes riveted to the moving bulge as he wandered off towards a set of
shelves, unable to tear my gaze away now I had noticed it. My own underwear
suddenly felt tight and restrictive as my growing cock wrestled lolita vicky 11 yo against the
material of them.He moved out of my eyeline, disappearing into the History section of the
library. I took a quick look round to see if anyone was watching me, then
dropped my hand into my lap to adjust myself through my jeans, setting my
cock to a more comfortable angle."Right, no more distractions, got to get this read" I thought to
myself. "Now, where was I? Ah yes, Another important case study in this
area... Hold on, I'm sure that seat in front of me was empty a moment ago".While I had been perving on the lads in the sweatpants, it seemed someone
had sat down in the seat directly in front of me in the library study
area. The desks were arranged in rows of three, each with its own reading
lamp and all facing the same way. Then to my left, there was a narrow
walkway through the rows, and more rows of three desks all facing the
opposite direction. A bit like a train carriage I suppose.I ran my eyes over the back view of the newcomer. He was wearing a white
and blue striped t-shirt, navy blue jeans, and Nike trainers. He had short
brown hair and the back of his neck and what little of his arms and elbows
I could best lolita pic collection see were already quite tanned. The faint smell of deodorant reached
my nose as he reached up to switch on the reading lamp above his
desk. Lynx, if I wasn't mistaken, and one of my favourite scents too.Fuck, I was starting to feel really horny now. I shook my head from side to
side, in a hope to refresh my brain and banish the sexual thoughts that
were filling it, and then forced myself to try to concentrate on the
article I was supposed to be reading.Problem was, looking down at the article meant looking right in the
direction of his arse over the top of the page. He sat hunched forward
slightly in his chair, his arse filling his jeans nicely. I abandoned
attempting to find my place on the page, and just drank in the sight of
that denim-covered arse.Moving my eyes up his body, I realised that as he had stretched to switch
on his reading lamp, his t-shirt has ridden up his back a bit, completely
exposing the top of his jeans and an inch of bare skin of his back. He wore
no belt, and his jeans were slightly loose at the back."If he leant forward just a little bit more, I could probably see down the
back of them" I thought to myself. As if he had read my mind, he shifted
his position in his chair and the back of his jeans gaped a bit further,
exposing the waistband of his underwear. My semi-hard cock gave a lurch at
the sight and I had to readjust my angle again. As I watched, his right
hand moved down from his desk into his lap too, and he left it there, using
his left hand to turn the pages of the textbook he was reading.From the back, I couldn't tell exactly what his right hand was doing, but
my mind was soon imaging all kinds of things. Stroking a growing bulge in
his jeans, unzipping his flies to play with himself, bringing out an
enormous erect cock to discretely wank as he read, safe in the knowledge
everyone else in the library was too busy studying to pay any attention to
him... Fuck, I had a good imagination! Probably too good, as my own cock
was fully erect now, pressing outwards against the flies of my own jeans.I slowly let my breath out and tried to ignore what was happening between
my legs, turning my attention back to the article."Another important case study in this area..."He shifted in his chair again, his jeans waistband gaping further. Craning
my head, I could see maybe two or three inches of boxers now, the fabric
probably originally white but now a sludgy grey from being washed too many
times in the university laundrette. I allowed myself to imagine what he
might look like without his jeans on, sitting in front of me in just his
boxers, and moved my hand to young lolas micro bikini my lap to squeeze my balls and stroke my full
erection through my jeans."Fuck! What are you doing?! You're in the library!" I suddenly thought to
myself, snapping out of my daydream. Taking my hand of my cock, I looked
around me to check that no-one had been watching. As I did so, I noticed a
lad sat diagonally opposite me turning his face quickly away from me.Fuck! creampie lolita angel preteen Had he seen me? I made a pretence of concentrating on the page of the
article I was reading, watching him out of the corner of my eye. He turned
his head back in my direction. I quickly looked up and over at him, and he
turned away, frowning, as if concentrating on reading a difficult
sentence. Hmm, maybe he had been watching me.I kept looking at him. He had black hair, a little bit of dark stubble on
his face, and was wearing a black, white and green checked short sleeved
shirt with enough buttons undone for me to see that the top of his chest
was hairless. He had black jeans on and white trainers. He looked slim, but
the tops of his arms where his sleeves ended showed some surprising muscle
definition. He wasn't a muscle powerhouse, but like me, he must work out a
bit, just enough to tone himself up. He was pretty hot actually. In fact,
the more I looked at him, the hotter I thought he was. My hard cock
twitched in appreciation of his hotness and I shifted in my seat, trying to
adjust it to a more comfortable position without having to touch it.At that exact moment, he glanced back over at me. His eyes were a vivid
green, big pools of colour that seemed to burn right into me. He raised an
eyebrow and grinned, then turned his attention creampie lolita angel preteen back to his reading. Wow, he
really was hot! My cock pushed impatiently against the flies of my jeans,
begging to be released from its prison."Must. Concentrate. On. Reading. Ignore the hottie. Ignore the
hottie. Another important... Oh fuck! Look at that stomach!"The lad was yawning deeply, stretching in his seat, his eyes closed, his
arms lifted high above his head causing his shirt to ride up to expose
firm, defined abs and a neatly trimmed black treasure trail that
disappeared into a white Calvin Klein waistband visible above the top of
his jeans. I swear my mouth started to water as I gazed at him. He opened
his eyes then and looked right at me, holding my gaze. I turned my head
quickly away, embarrassed at being caught checking him out."Another important case study..." I couldn't resist sneaking another glance
his way. He appeared to be concentrating on reading, but he had one of his
hands on his knees. As I watched, it slid its way up the leg of his jeans
and rested over his flies. Fuck, was he feeling himself up too?!He lifted his hand up out of his lap to turn a page, his eyes remaining
focused on the textbook. I squinted at where his hand had been, trying to
see an outline of a bulge, but with his jeans being black, it was difficult
to make out for definite.His hand was in his lap again, drifting lazily backwards and forwards. I
was sure he was stroking his cock, and my own b d sisters loli rock hard one jolted at the
thought, moving into another uncomfortable angle as it strained against the
zip of my flies through my boxerbriefs. It was no good, I had to adjust
myself again to get a bit more comfortable. I felt sure out of the corner
of my eye I saw him glance over at me as I shifted my erection to a comfier
position.I looked across, but he was busy writing something now. He read it back to
himself, but obviously wasn't happy with what he'd put, as he tore the page
out russian little pussy lolitas of his pad of paper and screwed it up with both his hands. I couldn't
help but notice the muscles in his lower arms moving as he screwed the
sheet of paper into a ball."Hot arms, hot arms," one part of my brain was saying. "Ignore, ignore,
read, read" another part (the one that wanted me to pass my degree!) was
saying. "I feel so fucking horny" a third part of my mind screamed.I closed my eyes and counted slowly to five, then looked down at the desk
before I opened them, not allowing myself to glance over in his direction,
forcing myself to focus only on the words on the page in front of me. I
heard a chair scraping over the floor as I found where I'd got to in the
article."Another important case study in this area..." Footsteps walked past me,
but I forced myself to carry on concentrating on the sentence I was
reading. It was probably just another girl walking past anyway.Something landed on the desk in front of me, right in the middle of the
page I was reading. It was a screwed up piece of lined paper. There was a
bin just behind russian little pussy lolitas me, had someone tried to throw it in and missed? I picked
it up and was going to just turn and put it in the bin myself, when
curiosity got the better of me and I unscrewed it, smoothing it out on the
desk in front of me to see what had been written on it."Way too horny to concentrate on my reading. I'm off to the 3rd floor bogs
for a wank. You look as if you could use one very young sex lolita too, fancy joining me???"I looked up and over at the black haired lad's seat. It was empty, an open
textbook discarded on the desk where he'd been sitting."Was this a dream?" I thought to myself. Being the shy person that I was, I
didn't have much experience (ok, any experience) of anything sexual. I
wasn't bad looking, but I had never been confident enough to even make eye
contact with anyone in a bar, let alone approach someone and offer to buy
them a drink. And if someone looked as though they were going to come up to
me, that was usually my cue to trip over my feet or spill my drink down
myself causing them to change their mind. Yet someone really hot had just
invited me to wank off with them in the library toilets. Wow! Or maybe a
wank would progress into something even better!My mind was buzzing with excitement and my cock felt harder than it had
ever felt before. Before I knew what I was doing, I was on my feet and
walking for the staircase. I was conscious of a small wet patch of my
boxers sticking to the top of my leg as I walked. My rock hard cock had
obviously started leaking pre. I shy lolilta clip girls suddenly thought that my erection probably
showed in my jeans and that I was walking through the middle of the
university library past people studying and librarians stacking
shelves. What if they noticed?"Fuck it" I thought to myself. nude angels lolita bbs "Even if they do notice, I can't be the only
fresher who ever got a hardon from their mind wandering off their dull
reading onto more exciting thoughts". I bounded up the stairs two at a time
till I reached the third floor.The toilets on the third floor were tucked away in a corner behind the
Statistics books shelves. I looked around me as I walked towards them. The
whole floor looked pretty deserted. Well, it was nearly nine o'clock. Every
sensible student was getting tanked up in the union bar ready to hit the
pubs and clubs of the city centre.I pushed the door to the toilets open and walked in, my cock hard as iron
in my now slightly soggy boxers, my heart feeling as though it was beating
in my mouth.He stood at the urinals, at the far end of the toilet, with his back to me,
his legs apart. I walked past the sinks and mirrors, my heart beating
faster and faster, and stood at the urinal next to him. My hand shaking
slightly, I unzipped my flies and, reaching in, released my hard cock from
my underwear, bringing it slowly out through my flies.The foreskin had rolled back, half-exposing my thick cockhead which was
shiny and wet with precum. I could feel his eyes gazing down at my exposed
erection, but I focused my own on the tiles in front of me, not yet daring
to look anywhere else. b d sisters loli He exhaled deeply."Nice cock mate" he whispered. "Looks even better out of your jeans. What
do you think of mine?"My mouth was dry and my heart pounded in my ears. I licked my lips to
moisten them, turned my head to look him direct in his piercing green eyes,
then lowered my gaze to what was sticking out of his flies....

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